Endocrine surgery

The department of endocrine surgery of Slavmed Medical Center is equipped with advanced medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment, which enables the specialists to perform surgical interventions in all types of pathologies of thyroid and parathyroid glands including removal of lymph nodes. All the necessary diagnostic maneuvers are carried out in the department, up to an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy of less than 1 cm in size nodes-FNA. The department gets regularly renovated and replenished with the best internationally recognized equipment. Due to the department’s specialists being highly qualified and experienced in the field, a 24-hour care is provided even with the most complicated surgical procedures. Various clinical manifestations of human organism, damage of organ systems often require a combined approach, both conservative and surgical. If needed, in order to provide a more effective approach to the patient’s problem, besides endocrine surgeons, simultaneous assistance of other specialists of the center can be available.

Specialists of endocrine surgery department of Slavmed Medical Center receive training at leading foreign medical institutions; they also attend major medical conferences and seminars, including presenting their own materials.

The following surgical interventions are carried out in the department of endocrine surgery:

– laparoscopic surgery

– classical open operations

– minimal  approach surgery

– minimally invasive preserving surgery

– endoscopic surgery


All types of endocrine operations are carried out in the department:

– hypophysis

– thyroid gland

– parathyroid glands

– thymus gland

– surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases of endocrine system (multiple endocrine neoplasia- MEN Syndromes).

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