Anesthesiology service

Anesthesiology service of MC “Slavmed” anesthesia of planned and urgent surgical interventions during all types of surgeries (urological, general surgeries, endocrine surgery, traumatology, nose and throat surgery, vascular surgery), conducting preoperational and postoperational services.

Anesthesiology service is equipped with modern equipments, medicine, devices of anestethesia and artificial respiration, surgical and postoperative monitoring. Medical staff has been specialized, trained and improved in the leading clinics around the world.

In the service there are embedded all the modern methods of anesthesia and intensive therapy. During surgical treatment – when choosing the method of anesthesia, each patient is provided and individual approach. Before a planned surgery – after the surgical indications assigned by the surgeon, medical service providers collect anamnesis of the disease, perform laboratory and instrumental studies, which include ultrasound researches, cardiography, if necessary – also a heart ultrasound. Based on laboratory data, taking into account the changes, physicians-anaesthesiologists correct the patien’t organism, bringing it into a vital level.

Main principle of the activity of “Slavmed” MC anaesthesiology service is ensuring safe and high-quality anaesthesia. The physicians-anaesthesiologists apply their best efforts to save the patient’s life time in case of urgent surgeries – in life-threateing situations. “Slavmed” – we are alert and responsible for each of our patient's health and life.


Anesthesiology service of the maternity hospital and gynecological department    

Anesthesiology service of the maternity hospital and gynecological department of MC "Slavmed" aims to protect gynecological patients, pregnant women and women in labor from painful interventions (Caeserin section, pospartum ruptures, delivery, childbirth in natural ways and so on) and stress. That is, to perform adequate anesthesia of patients round the clock during planned and urgent interventions.          

The service controls preoperative and postoperaive patients. Before a planned surgery doctors talk to them, collect their disease anamnesis (diseases during their lifetime, problems, complaints), perform necessary laboratory-instrumental examinations.     

"Slavmed" takes it of great importance to ensure the comfort of its patients. After the surgery they are moved from the operation hall to the postoperative ward of intensive care, where they stay under medical supervision for 1 day.    

There are used advanced medicine for anesthesia, modern equipments used in aesthesiology, as well as monitoring systems. Doctors apply moder methods of general and regional anesthesia. During Caeserian section they prefer spinal anestheisa, as in this case the drug effect on the fetus is brought to zero level. Anesthesia is of regional character: the drug which is being injected in spinal or epidural area, doesn't go into the mother's blood absolutely and thus it doesn't pass to the fetus as well.         

The selection of anesthesia method is performed individually for each woman in labor – by the doctor-anesthesiologist together with the obstetrician-gynecologist running the pregnancy period. With the purpose of anesthesia during delivery there is widely used prolonged epidural method of anesthesia. Anesthetic drugs are being injected through an epidural catheter and the pregnant woman practically doesn’t feel any pain during the whole process of childbirth. And after the delivery, in case there are ruptures, anesthesia is carried out in the same epidural method.    

Epidural anesthesia is mainly carried out by the pregnant women’s request and in case of medical obstetric indications (if there occur deviations in the delivery process).

In the anesthesiology service of the maternity hospital and gynecological department of MC "Slavmed" there work knowledgeable, skilled anesthesiologists, nurses, which have great experience in obstetric work. One of the main principles of their work is to provide individul approach to every patient, as well as to ensure for them comfortable and safe conditions for anesthesia.          

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Aram Grigoryan Head of the Anesthetic Service of Maternity and Gynecological departments
Vahe Sabundjyan Head of anesthesiology service