General and diagnostic service

Effective treatment starts with accurate diagnosis. Our patient believes that he/she is being thoroughly examined and gets final and clear diagnosis.

The mission of MC "Slavmed" reception and diagnostic service is to provide patients' safe and quick medical care, as well as to ensure organization of instrumental and laboratory examinations in accordance with quality international standards. We will never artifically inflate the volume of necessary examinations.

Usually the first circle of the contact with the patient is therapeutic service. Therapists of the MC "Slavmed" reception and diagnostic service provide free consultancy. The is done in order to understand what examinations and laboratory tests the patient has to go through avoiding exra financial costs. There are cases when there are being detected diseases at the first visit, about which the patient has no doubt.

We provide all the laboratory tests: microbiological, hematological, clinical, biochemical, immunological, hormonal, biomaterial, infectious, cytological, including endosurgical researches.

Our professional specialists carry out also high-quality cardiological researches: electrocardiography, treadmill test, echocardiography, Holter, examination to determine the arterial pressure, Doppler.

We perform also examination of bone, locomotor (musculoskeleton) system, abdomen, chest cavities, gastrointestinal tract, as well as intravenous urography and hysterosalpingography.

In our instrumental researches we practice achievements of modern innovative technologies.

In the MC "Slavmed" there is introduced computerized CAT scan of the world's leading brand Toshiba, with the latest digital X-ray equipment ZEXIRA produced by Toshiba, which works with minimal radiation.

We have created all conditions for carrying out accurate researches. We care about our patients' health and comfort - with the joint efforts of all our staff. Joint team-work is the guarantee of a positive result. MC "Slavmed" is a center in accordance with European standards, where the patient is always satisfied to leave.

All specialists

Karine Hovhannisyan Head of the reception and diagnostic service
Karine Stepanyan Therapist, family physician
Vahe Avagyan Endocrinologist
Nelly Shiganyan Neuropathologist
Jasmena Ghukasyan Allergologist
Satik Martirosyan Ophthalmologist
Lusine Sargsyan ENT specialist