Computer tomography

Computer tomography is a universal research system, which is applied for the complex examination of the brain, chest, abdomen and pelvic organs, as well as for bones. The examination is performed both with the method of contrast bolus intravenous injection, as well as without it. In addition to detailed examination of internal organs, the latter method allows us to evaluate the process of blood vessels and the disorders existing there, including the coronary arteries nourishing the heart muscleThis examination has a number of advantages: it's not invasive, it's short-time, so in some cases it can replace invasive coronary angiography.

In "Slavmed" Medical Center there's introduced the newest – Toshiba Aquillon Prime 160 multi-spiral comoyter tomorgraphy (computer poly-tomography device), which ensures excellent quality of images in minimal radial conditions. It also allows to examine the children. If in case of adults the examination lasts for up to 12 seconds, then in case of children – in minimal radial conditions – it lasts only for 5-6 seconds. It’s the only tomography in RA which can examine patients weighing up to 300 kg. 


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