Digital X-ray

Radial diagnosis service of "Slavmed" Medical Center is equipped with the newest digital X-ray machine ZEXIRA made by Toshiba, which ensures a high quality X-ray image in minimal radiation. Digital X-ray machine ZEXIRA is regulated in accordance with the body weight being examined, is equipped with a multi-functional X-ray tube, a dynamic table, which has got special software applications for the examination of various organ-systems, which provide the necessary conditions for a rapid and accurate diagnosisSpecial software and the use of protective robes give us the opportunity to explore the newborns and pregnant womenwith minimal radiation. Being a digital X-ray machine of the latest generation it enables you to record the whole process of the examination, which is used ti inspect the passability of uterine, as well as for contrast X-ray examination of the gastrointestinal tract.

In the Medical Center "Slavmed" there are realized examinations of bone, locomotor system, abdomen, chest cavities, gastrointestinal tract , as well as intravenous urography and hysterosalpingography, radiation treatment of heel spur.

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Syuzanna Mkrtchyan X-ray specialist