Ultrasound examinations

With the help of ultrasound examinations it’s possible to thoroughly examine the patient's liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, lymph nodes, soft tissue, blood vessels and so on.

Under the ultrasound supervision there is also performed diagnostic biopsy, which provides opportunity for accurate diagnosis and timely treatment of the disease.

Ultrasound examination service of the MC “Slavmed” includes:

​ Ultrasound examinations of thyroid gland – eslastography.

Elastography is a modern ultrasound method, which is applied all over the world for differentiation of formations. The examination is performed for differentiation of benign and malignant tumors of thyroid gland, to assess the status of regional lymphatic nodes. The examination is completely safe and has no contradictions. In case of detecting dangerous problems specialists carry our puncture biopsy, which is sent to cytological examination.

​ Puncture biopsy of thyroid gland under sonographic control.

​ Breast ultrasound examination, elastography and puncture under sonographic control.

​ Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs 3D/4D. Experienced specialists of the clinic examine the hollow pillar organs deeply and from inside (gallbladder, bladder, etc.) through 3D examination Fly Thru, assess the most subtle changes in the mucous membrane (tumors, stones, polyps). Fly Thru regime is one of the latest 3D technologies. Through this method it’s possible to get additional information about the invasive growh of tumors and dimensional formations.

​ Ultrasound examination of genitourinary system (examination of kidneys, detection of formations, stones in kidneys, bladder). The service carries out also researches of external genitals and testicles - doppler. This complete examination allows the urologists to show correct approach to the treatment.

​ Ultrasound examination of lymphatic systems.

​ Gynecological examinations are performed through a vaginal sensor, which allows to detect the uterus mucous membrane polyps, that have tendency to become malignant ones.

​ Fetal ultrasound examination 3D/4D. Doppler is a type of ultrasound examination, thanks to which it's possible to assess the blood flow through large blood vessels. In obstetrics doppler examination is assigned during pregnancy to assess the flow of blood circulation in mother-placenta-fetus system. In obstetrics doppler examination allows to asess pregnancy period more accurately, to identify baby's position inside the mother's uterus and the fetal development - in accordance with the terms of pregnancy.

All the ultrasound examinations in the MC “Slavmed” (sonography, elastography, doppler) are carried out in a private comfortable room. Painless and safe ultrasound examinations allow to perform them for many times, without any restriction on the time and amount of the research, which enables to control the disease process dynamically. Most modern equipments, caring professionals, accurate diagnosis: these are factors that guarantee the high quality of sonogrpahic/ultrasound service of the MC “Slavmed”.

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Anna Ghazaryan Obstetrician-gynecologist, Sonographist
Lusine Tunanyan Sonographist