Cardiac functional examinations

Cardiology service of the MC “Slavmed” provides the detection of cardiovascular system diseases of patients of the medical center, their diagnosis, treatment, as well as their primary and secondary prevention.

Cardiology service includes a cardiologist’s advice and a number of instrumental examinations:

  • Electrocardiography (ECG),

  • Echocardioscopy/echocardiography,

  • Treadmill test,

  • Holter ECG-monitoring,

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

During the cardiologist’s advice there are being offered relevant instrumental examinations, based on the patients’ complaints, their history, objective examination data and medical indications. 

Contemporary possibilities of cardiological diagnosis contribute to detect diseases at an early stage, to appoint a medical treatment and to prevent further complications. Examincations are performed with the most modern equipments with wide functional opportunities. Diagnostic and treatment services of the MD “Slavmed” are based on modern cardiology achievements and evidentiary (probative) medicine data.

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Naira Maralyan Cardiologist