Vascular duplex examination

Experienced radiologists of the Medical Center “Slavmed” perform duplex examination through the most modern equipment of Toshiba brand.

Duplex scanning is an ultrasound diagnostic examination, which includes a color Doppler screening and spectral Doppler analysis.

Non-invasive vascular examination method allows us to assess the indicators of blood circulation, passability of venous and arterial vessels, strictures degree, the condition of the wall, existence of a thrombus and so on. Basically there are examined magistral vessels, abdominal renal arteries of head, arms and legs.

Main indications of duplex examination of head and neck vessels are headache, dizziness, noise in the ears, consciousness disorders, coordination disorders and hemiparesis. Duplex examination discovers the strictures, anomalies, extravasal compression. Main indications of duplex examination of arteries and veins of the lower limbs are pains in the muscles of the legs, swelling of the feet, trophic ulcers, changes in skin color, frequent torpor and coldness of feet, venous network on the legs. This painless and safe examination has no contraindications.

Through venous examination they diagnose varicose disease, thrombosis (especially those of deep vessels, that are not visible externally), vascular changes in diabetes and during atherosclerosis.

Among the risk group of vascular diseases there are:

​ People, who perform heavy physical work or work for a long time on their feet (surgeons, hairdressers, shop-assistants, waiters and others, who have pains and swelling),

​ Smokers – especially women, among which there is often observed wall calcification, it loses its elasticity over time (there may occur atherosclerotic plaques),

​ Pregnant women.

During pregnancy there increases the risk for varicose veins. In addition to the hormonal factor there increases also pelvic blood supply, intra-abdominal pressure, increases the uterus through the child, which contributes to the expansion of varicose veins. Pregnant women often have subcutaneous vascular widenings, developmental defects, anomalies, which may cause problems during childbirth (for example, they may cause bleeding).

To avoid these problems it’s recommended for women to consult a doctor still before planning their pregnancy, to pass duplex examination to be able to understand the condition of the veins. In case of detecting varicose doctors provide total treatment, which allows the women to “insure” their veins without any fear of planning their pregnancy.

As for diabetic patients, they should pass duplex examination at least once a year. Prohylactic (preventive) inspections will prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis disease at an early stage.

Examination of rental arteries is recommended to patients with high blood pressure. This examination allows us to determine the rental origin of high blood pressure.

High sensitivitiy of the method, noninvasiveness, opportunity of double researches/examinations, accurate diagnosis: duplex examination is an indispensable method in the field of clinical neurology and vascular surgery.

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