Neonatal department

Neonatal department of “Slavmed” MC realizes second-class medical service within the maternity home of the same medical center. It includes structural units for care of both healthy and sick newborns. The department secures 24-hour duty service.  

Neonatal department is distinguished for its modern equipments. There are all the necessary equipments here for neonatal care, particularly radiant heater, cuvette (incubator), infusomat, phototherapy lamp, electric sunction device, modern equipments for respiratory therapy (apparatus for providing continuous positive pressure for artificial respiration and in the respiratory tract, T-shaped resuscitation device), equipments for oxygen therapy (concentrated oxygen, oxygen flow meters, oxygen blenders, moisturizers, oxygen tents, etc.), universal monitors, that realize monitoring of heart and respiratory rates, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, measure the newborns' blood pressure, as well as allow to perform electrocardiogram. Intensive therapy department of newborns is also equipped with compressed air centralized and individual sources, central vacuum sunction system, centralized air-conditioning and temperature control systems.                      

Healthy newborns’ care is arranged in postpartum wards shared with the mothers. There are individual, as well common wards designed for two mothers. Wards are comfortable and comply with all the modern requirements.  

In the neonatal department of “Slavmed” MC there are realized services, examinations and screenings within the entire package of state order and out of that frame as well as. Among them there is ultrasound examination of the babies’ hip joints, pulse oxymetry screening to detect congenital heart diseases, consultation after release. All the services and examinations listed above are provided free of charge - without any exception, financed within the frames of state order and owing to the good will of “Slavmed” MC.             

Related laboratory and instrumental research services also play a huge role in ensuring proper quality of service for the newborns: they provide complete blood examination round the clock, test glucose and bilirubin levels in the blood, arrange digital X-ray examination, ultrasound research of various organ systems, and test blood-sterility. If necessary, this list could be supplemented with more complicated, intense and specific researches as well.      

In “Slavmed” MC in general, and particularly in the neonatal department, they are well aware that all the equipments and instrumental researches may provide positive results exceptionally due to the professional medical staff, therefore evidence-based medicine, constant trainings for the medical workers’ skills and knowledge, mutual respect and trust between the medical workers and the patients are considered to be the cornerstones of the policy of the center.       

All specialists

Hovhannes Ghazaryan Head of the neonatal department
Lilit Tovmasyan Neonatologist
Izolda Mikayelyan Neonatologist
Anna Gasparyan Neonatologist