Orthopedics and traumatology

Traumatology and orthopedics service of MC “Slavmed” performs:

​ Endoprosthesis of knee and hip joints,

​ Arthroscopic surgeries of large joints,

​ Surgeries of fractures with modern implants,

​ Treatment of various diseases of locomotor system,

​ Correction of various deformities,

​ Limbs lengthening

In the basis of traumatology and orthopedics service there is the combination of highly qualified professionals and the latest technologies. In the service there have been introduced the most effective methods of surgical interventions, which are less invasive an traumatic, and guarantee a quick recovery. Experienced specialists are able to recover any kind of fractures, carry out endoprosthesis of large joints, arthroscopic surgeries, limbs lengthening and correction of deformities.

In the MC “Slavmed” there deal with large volumes of restoration of various sports injuries. Postoperative period of patients is very short, due to the innovative methods of treatment and good quality medicine. Well-informed professionals improve the quality of their patients’ lives in a very short period of time.

Surgery department of the MC “Slavmed” traumatology and orthopedics service is equipped with the latest advances technologies. Endoscopic techniques, modern high-quality instruments are the guarantee of the positive result of the treatment. Digital X-ray machine in the surgery department allows to receive instant images of the part being operated from different positions, as well as to carry out the surgical interventions in a quick and perfec way, due to small incisions. And when these opportunities appear to be in the hands of a skilled and much trained orthopedic traumatologist, there may be possible to perform little miracles.

All specialists

Karen Martirosyan Traumatologist-orthopedist
Artak Hunanyan  Traumatologist-orthopedist
Vahram Grigoryan  Traumatologist-orthopedist
Hovhannes Drmoyan Traumatologist-orthopedist