Endocrine surgery

Main direction of the MC “Slavmed” Endocrine Surgery Service is the treatment of diseases of all the pathologies of the thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, both in conservative and surgical methods. They perform any type and volume of surgical interventions, including removal of lymph nodes.

Post-surgery recovery period of the patients is very short (1-2 days) – thanks to high-quality medical care, high-quality medicine, effective methods and modern equipments.

They perform all the necessary diagnostic measures here, including fine needle puncture biopsy of nodes smaller than 1 cm. Punctures are performed exclusively under sonography control.

Endocrine surgery service is equipped with the latest generation equipments. The most modern technologies of the world-famous company Storz provide high precision diagnostics. Thanks to modern diagnostics methods doctors are able to detect tumours and other diseases of thyroid glands at an earlier stage. Technical negligence is excluded in the endocrine surgery department. Specialists consider the trust of their patients as priority. They enable them to take their punction videos, if desired, also their subject glasses.

Decades of accumulated experience, application of methods and technologies of modern medicine… Endocrine surgery service provides a very low rate of complications, cosmetic effectiveness, which is the best indicator in the surgery. Endocrine surgeons exert their best efforts to ensure the invisibility of the post-operative scar.

Surgeons of the department periodically take part in local and foreign conferences. They undergo regular trainings in modern foreign clinics, if necessary, they carry out consultations also via internet and skype.

All specialists

Aram Chomoyan Endocrine surgeon
Ara Torosyan Head of endocrine surgery service