Plastic and microsurgery

Plastic surgery is increasingly becoming more popular among the Armenian society. There is s tendency that men also fight against wrinkles – seeking to have young looking skin. While women mainly apply with the purpose of augmentation of lips, sizes and forms of breasts, elimination of wrinkles and hanging skin, rhinoplasty.

Human aspiration for beauty and perfection promotes the rapid development of this field of medicine.

Plastic and microsurgery is considered to be one of the modern, well-equipped units in “Slavmed” MC, which operates in the sphere of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Specialists of the department are exerting their best efforts both in the filed of aesthetic and rehabilitation-reconstructive surgery.

Main directions of the service are as follows:

​ Aesthetic surgery,

​ Microsurgery,

​ Reconstructive surgery – reconstruction of the outer ear, external nose, breasts, nerves, tendons, restoration of tissue defects, removal of skin and subcutaneous tumors,

​ Injection methods - smoothing of wrinkles with the help of botox and fillers, mesotherapy, treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars, treatment of hair fall, augmentation of lips.

Aesthetic surgery is one of the branches of medicine, which deals with improving human appearance – face and body (waist, hands, feet), correcting the problematic sections with the help of surgical interventions.

Microsurgery is removal of defects resulting from this and other traumas, accidents through local tissues, implants, as well as recovery of amputated limbs, nerves, vessels, tendons. Plastic and microsurgery service of “Slavmed” MC performs also treatment of compressive neuropathies.

Reconstructive surgery deals with the resolution of defects of dismembered and those caused by traumas in the past.

Injective methods are used in non-surgical way. Invasive intervetions of treatment are aimed at rejuvenation of the skin, improvement of appearance.

Change of the lips volume is performed both in surgical way and through fillers, as well as using the patient’s own fat. The choise of the method is determined during the consultation with the doctor, taking into account the patient’s wishes, the possibility of lips augmentation, medical guidelines. Soothing of wrinkles is performed through the popular botulotoxin, which is being injected in specific doses.

Plastic and microsurgery service applies also injective methods after the centrifuge of your own plasma, which improves the quality of the facial skin. Surgeons perform also plastic surgeries of thighs, buttocks (increasing the volume and correcting the hanging skin). With the help of special implants they eliminate the defects of feet and calves. In case of abdominal problems they realize both lyposuction and amdominoplasty...

After regnancy many women face decrease of elasticity of the abdominal skin.This problem is eliminated through surgical interventions.

Plastic and microsurgery service of MC “Slavmed” provides wide range of plastic surgeries on all parts of the body. The service is equipped with modern equipments and technologies, which allow to apply more effective and less invasive methods of treatment. The service cooperates with the best local and foreign surgeons.

Doctors justify their patients’ expectations regarding the improvement of their appearance. The services are available and accessible to everyone. It’s not accidental that a number of patients from different corners of the world (Russia, the USA, Europe) visit “Slavmed” for their health care.

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