Laparoscopic, oncological and women’s urology

Urological clinic of the MC “Slavmed” deals with the full volume of urological problems. Diseases are treated both in conservative and surgical methods. Urology is first of all a surgical specialty, and the most frequently occurring urological problems - cancer of urogenital organs, kidney stones, prostate adenoma, they are treated mainly through surgical intervention. Inflammatory diseases of various organs of the urogenital system, nephritis, cystitis, disorders of sexual function, urinary incontinence and so on are also of great appeal, which require conservative treatment.

Malignant tumors occur in all the organs of urogenital system – in adrenal glands, kidneys, bladder, ureter, prostate, etc. They are operated and treated in “Slavmed” in the modern laparascopic method, which is one of the most effective and non-invasive methods existing nowadays. Laparascopic surgeries have got many advantages not only because of the reduction of the post-operative period and their non-invasive point of view.

Removal of stones through laparoscopic method in urolithiasis allows the urologist to perform at the same time examination of kidneys, kidney cavities, ureter, to detect the reasons for stone formations and to eliminate them just during surgery. That is, it becomes possible to prevent stone formation in their early period. This is a great advantage, as in 50% of the cases, according to statistics, there is registered reccurence of global urolithiasis. Owing to laparoscopic surgeries urologists are able to sharply decrease that percentage. The patient goes home just the very next day after the laparoscopic surgery and in 2-3 days he/she returns to his/her full working routine.

The largest volume and the widest spectrum of urological laparoscopic surgeries are considered to be the first and main feature of “Slavmed” urological clinic.

MC “Slavmed” urological staff is one of the first ones in the Republic to have realized a number of innovative surgical interventions. In 2006 they performed urological laparoscopic surgery for the first time in Armenia, and started to realize large scale treatment of prostate cancer by surgery. Laparascopy is the preferred direction of the staff, which they perform for already 10 years. And just the recommendations of patients treated guide many people to the staff of “Slavmed” urological service.

Uroligical clinic of “Slavmed” MC is trusted not only by local people, but by foreign patients arrived from abroad as well. In the basis of so many references are the high quality and level of the medical care, the professionalism of the team, minimum postoperative period and rapid recovery.

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Karina Arakelyan Urologist-surgeon