An elderly woman’s life was saved

An elderly woman’s life was saved in Slavmed Medical Center

The fifth-stage multinodular  tumor in the neck site in an elderly woman who was operated on by endocrine surgeons of Slavmed Medical Center  Ara Torosyan and Aram Chomoyan, no longer threatens her life.The removed tumor was a rare tumor of a kind, which made the old woman’s life a hell. The cause of such an unusual tumor was a non-radical surgery performed on an adenomatous “goiter” in one of the hospitals. The endocrine surgeons of the medical center informed about this in a conversation with Medicine.

As an elderly woman tells, not long ago, she has turned to some other medical facility with a “goiter” problem to get surgical treatment and soon she has noticed the severe swelling in the neck site and a sharp deterioration of her condition. The woman immediately contacted the operating surgeon and went through a preliminary medical examination, but she heard an unpromising response that the reoperation could be risky for the woman’s life. On the advice of another doctor, the discouraged woman underwent all the necessary diagnostic and laboratory examinations aimed to find out the cause-effect relations and the ethiology of the tumor. The results showed that the tumor was not radically removed during the previous surgery, which contributed to the development of already malignant tumor. “My situation was getting worse and worse, the tumor was growing rapidly. Perforated ulcers and frequent bleeding occurred in the neck site. Everything was so bad that I turned to other surgeon, but seeing the problem, everyone refused to provide any help, explaining that the tumor was wrapped around the vessel, and surgery in this case could be dangerous for my life, however everything was so bad, that it seemed to me that some day I would just suffocate”, recalls the woman. “I heard about Slavmed Medical Center, I came to the endocrine surgeons and asked for surgery, regardless of its outcome, since I had nothing to lose.” As Slavmed Medical Center’s endocrine surgeons Ara Torosyan and Aram Tchomoyan mention, the tumor was so calcified that there was a need of a pre-surgical treatment as it was impossible the perform an immediate surgical intervention, considering the high calcification of the tumor.

“Despite the great risk, we decided to perform a surgery on the patient as besides the cosmetic defect there was also a malignant tumor, as well as loss of blood, which already threatened the life of a woman. As a result of appropriate medical care we improved the patient’s condition and performed a surgical intervention. In the result of several hour surgery the tumor, the entire left site of the thyroid gland and the adjacent lymph nodes were removed. We had to perform the surgery under insufficient hemoglobin, as the woman had lost quite a lot of blood during the illness because of open wounds.The patient also had concomitant chronic diseases, which were also a risk factor for performing such an extensive surgery, but fortunately the surgery was uneventful, and today nothing threatens the life of a woman”, mentioned the Center’s specialists.

“I feel good after the surgery. What happened is a miracle. My life was saved, “says an elderly woman. According to endocrine surgeons, our country is considered an endemic area for thyroid gland diseases: high mountainous position, intensity of UV rays, iodine deficiency, and tensed everyday routine. These factors contribute to thyroid gland disease – goiter”. It is therefore recommended to visit a doctor on time to diagnose or disprove the disease and, of course, treat thyroid gland diseases in order to avoid unwanted consequences.