Social security package

Procedure of health care provision within the framework of Social Security Package

1. The medical services noted by the insurance contract are provided in the medical institutions included in the list approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.

2.In order to benefit from the services noted by the insurance contract, you will need to present your ID to the medical institution and inform that you receive beneficiary of the social security package.

According to the government’s decision, starting January 1, 2018, in order to benefit from the services noted by the insurance contract, you will be required to present the identification card (ID card).

3.Within the framework of the insurance contract, medical services (except for preventive medical examinations) are provided strictly based on doctor’s indications, which include the following:

The conclusion of an admitting physician or narrow specialist of the concerned medical facility is essential for getting inpatient hospital care.

In order to obtain special and hardly accessible diagnostic examinations performed in an outpatient setting, you will need a conclusion of an admitting physician or narrow specialist of a primary health care provider (district polyclinic) or medical facilities providing hardly accessible diagnostic examinations.

4.In the case of indications for medical services provided by a doctor and noted by the insurance contract, the medical organization makes an online request to the insurance company, submitting the necessary documents. The insurance company in its turn either confirms the coverage of health care (in case of non-emergency cases within maximum 2 working days), or presents a fundamental denial of insurance benefits.

5.After approval of medical services by the insurance company, the medical facility provides you with an approved volume of medical services.

6.The coverage of medical care and service provided to you under the insurance contract is performed by the insurance company in accordance with the contract concluded between the insurance company and the medical facility. All insurance company payments are made directly to the medical organization. If you have received hospital care provided by the insurance contract after the outpatient examination, the cost of inpatient hospital care provided by that medical institution includes the cost of the pre-hospital diagnostic examinations as well as those examinations performed in an outpatient setting, which were covered 3 working days before the day of medical service request noted in the insurance contract. If you have already paid for those examinations before receiving inpatient care, then you have the right to apply to the medical facility during or within 30 days after receiving inpatient care, by presenting document which confirms the fact of payment done, after which the medical facility is obliged to refund it within 1 (one) working day.

The peculiarities of annual mandatory preventive health examinations

1.The use of annual mandatory preventive health examination is mandatory for social package beneficiaries. Undergoing a mandatory preventive health examination activates the services specified by the social package both for current and next year.

2.You can undergo a preventive health examination in the framework of the social package only once within the calendar year (from January 01 to December 31). Moreover, if you have undergone a preventive health examination in the second half of the year, then you can go through the next one not sooner than until six months later.

3.Preventive medical examinations are carried out in the medical institutions that have available alternative of on-site provision of all the services included in the list of preventive medical examination.

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