Free consultation of a vascular surgeon and medical exam in Slavmed MC

Slavmed medical center will provide free consultation and first medical examination to everyone free of charge from the 21st of May for just a duration of one month. Slavmed medical center’s director of the Development Department Arman Kharazyan said about it in a conversation with journalists. In the medical center over the course of a month a free consultation and initial medical exam, a duplex examination of vessels with a 50% discount will be provided, and with the help of modern laser equipment, rapid and effective treatment of veins will be performed at a special cost.

Nowadays vascular diseases are quite common, which can have different manifestations if they are being ignored. In the world, the majority of the population suffers from vascular issues, and recent studies have shown that in Armenia one in four suffers from vascular diseases. Slavmed medical center, highlighting the need for continuing healthcare and rehabilitation activities, and the results of citizens’ application to the center, has developed special packages for people suffering from vascular problems, with the help of which it will be possible not only to detect vascular diseases early, but also to perform surgical treatment at an incomparably affordable price.

By the way, proudly, it should be noted that the recently introduced newest laser device in vascular surgery allows you to get rid of problems such as varicosity, sensation of heaviness in the lower limbs, fatigue and swelling, as well as contributes to rapid recovery of trophic ulcers, restoring the former appearance of the legs, and the absence of excessive incisions excludes the probability of scars forming. The developed packages also include the beneficiaries of the social package and, of course, those with medical insurance. In order to make use of the package, it is necessary to make an appointment for a free vascular surgeon consultation beforehand, as the number of those applying for such problems is great “, concluded Arman Kharazyan.

Vascular and laser surgeon of the center, Tigran Kamalyan, PhD clarified that in case of varicosity the surface veins under the skin lose elasticity, resulting in distensibility and turning into the varices. As a result, the disturbed circulation takes place, the valve deficiency and retrograde blood flow develop, expressed capillary nodes and varicose veins occur, causing trophopathy, changes in skin color and quality, and at the later stages- trophic ulcers. The premises for the occurrence of the disease include hereditary predisposition, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, long-lasting static load on the feet, both high heels and extreme flats, compressive clothing, prolonged use of certain hormonal drugs and, of course, pregnancy and childbirth.

Talking about the symptoms of the disease, the surgeon has highlighted the feeling of dull pain, heavy legs and fatigue, the swelling in the ankles and feet, particularly at night, the presence of spider veins and varices, trophic disturbances of skin and ulceration. As for the surgical treatment of the disease, Tigran Kamalyan underlined that surgery in case of varicosity can be performed if there is a major involvement of the venous trunk and large tributary that can not be cured therapeutically. If the vein is enlarged, there is valve deficiency and backflow of blood, which causes complaints and inconveniences, it means that the vein not only does not perform its functions, but also develops a number of factors that are dangerous to health and hinder the person from continuing his normal life.

The most serious complication of varicose veins is thrombophlebitis, since in such cases blood clots occurring in the enlarged veins can get detached and with blood flow can reach the pulmonary artery, thus causing thrombembolia.

Giving importance to the unique laser equipment introduced in the medical center, the surgeon noted that with the help of the cutting-edge technologies, nowadays, it is possible to carry out endovenous laser surgery without the conventional large number of surgical incisions. Under the ultrasound control, a laser beam penetrates into the changed venous trunk with the help of which an intravenous laser coagulation takes place. The intervention is less traumatic, allowing the patient to recover quickly, walk on the same day, stay in the medical center for no longer than a day, quickly return to social active life, at the same time have the highest cosmetic-aesthetic effect.