The History

After reviewing some gaps in patient services procedure, starting from patient’s admission process, preliminary exam options, coordinating proper treatment plan and up to the payment point was born to establish a center where in addition to professional skills, doctors would have great possibilities to utilize the best tools and laboratory equipment that will make their work well-rounded, as physician’s professional skills alone will not be sufficient, a place where doctors will not be prescribing unnecessary testings and sending patients from one doctor’s cabinet to another – an unpleasant and very common experience and where the patient will not only see a modernized and well equipped medical center, but will also feel supported and cared for, a place where sanitary and hygiene conditions will be strictly maintained, and lastly a center, where a “single-window” payment principle will be applied, where the patient makes a payment to the cashier, according to the price list, and does not pay any extra money to the doctor, the nurse or the hospital attendant.

Taking into account all of these important circumstances, we have established a center, which today is a multi-functional medical facility with childbirth hospital, gynecological, urological, ENT, Vascular Surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, general, endoscopic, laparoscopic, micro- and plastic surgery departments. The Center fully complies with European standards: the latest generation equipment, experienced professionals, modern furnishings, comfortable hospital rooms, multifunctional beds, necessary hygiene supplies and of course, a complete meal three times daily. In addition to all of the above, affordable pricing has been put in place for everyone- reasonable price for healthcare facilities are available to everyone. The idea was not to just open another medical center, but to provide a new level of service to the general public. The goal of the center was not to be a regular medical center, but providing a new level of medical care to the public. It is with great pleasure that I can say today, that thanks to my family, I was able to realize the long-held idea of establishing a facility that is one of a kind in terms of its completeness and its services.