Gynecologist’s free consultation and medical check

In Slavmed medical center in the course of a month all women and girls will be able to use opportunity of a gift-action, that is a gynecologist’s free consultation and a preliminary examination, told in the conversation with journalists Arman Kharazyan, the Development Director of Slavmed medical center.


What can a medical center do for women? Everything, for them to be healthy. Slavmed medical center, taking into account the importance of measures focused on healthcare and rehabilitation will provide free gynecologist’s consultations and primary medical examinations throughout a month, from March 8 to April 7. «This is a good opportunity for early detection, prevention and treatment of gynecological problems. We attach importance to our women’s health and do our best to maintain and recover their health, » added Arman Kharazyan.

According to Vardan Rapyan, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor, Head of Maternity and Gynecology Department of Slavmed medical center, this initiative is another opportunity focused on maintaining women’s and girls’ health, early detection, prevention and treatment of diseases of the reproductive system.

Within the framework of this action, gynecological consultations will be provided to both those who visit the gynecologist for the first time as well as those under doctors’ control.

«Women surrounding us with care and attention are not always as caring and attentive to their own health, whereas the protection of women’s health is crucial in a healthy society formation, as only a healthy woman can give birth to a healthy child, in healthy woman’s family healthy relationships are formed, a healthy woman is bringing up a healthy generation, a healthy woman helps a man standing next to her be healthy and successful, » concluded the doctor.

Dear women, give attention also to the most important thing-your health!