After 11 years of infertility a Ukrainian woman delivered a baby

On the first day of spring, a new life was announced in Slavmed Medical Center. After 11 years of infertility a Ukrainian woman Svetlana delivered a baby. A newborn infant weighs 3 kg 600gr. «Alyona is my second child. After 11years of infertility today I again felt the joy of becoming a mother. I opted for Slavmed MC upon the recommendation of my acquaintance and I don’t regret for it a bit. I am very thankful to doctors for their professionalism and caring attitude. I was pleasantly surprised by everything here: by equipment, conveniences as well as the attitude of the medical staff », – she said.

In the whole course of pregnancy Svetlana was under tender loving care of qualified doctors.  An obstetrician-gynecologist Shushan Badalyan mentioned, that there are often cases when foreigners give preference to their country’s health facilities, but according to her story our country can also be attractive and competitive for the development of medical tourism.  «Svetlana had some disorders of hormonal and infectious status.  After appropriate examinations and complementary treatment at Slavmed Medical Center, all existing disorders were resolved, and as a result we recorded a long-awaited pregnancy. The pregnancy proceeded without obstacles; the baby was born at 39 weeks. There were some disturbing factors for the vaginal birth, so we opted for the Cesarean section. The condition of the baby and the mother is currently satisfactory, the baby is fed with breast milk, “said the doctor.

Also a reminder that every woman with Armenian citizenship residing in the city of Yerevan and in possession of a state sponsored delivery certificate, has a right to complimentary childbirth at Slavmed Medical Center.