Special discounts for soldiers’ family members

Realizing the importance of social protection and guarantees for soldiers within mandatory military service and their family members, Slavmed Medical Center has established a special discount system for families of soldiers killed or wounded while in the military in the RA Armed Forces’ – said Arman Kharazyan, director of Slavmed Medical Center’s Development Department.

According to him, health is valuable to every person, which is an undeniable fact, but if your existence is in danger due to possible war threats against your country, safety becomes a priority.

“Today the borders of our homeland are safeguarded by tens of thousands of National Service soldiers, many of whom have performed glorious acts during their service. Unfortunately, many have sacrificed their lives while defending the borders of their homeland, and a significant number of them have lost their health.

During extensive studies and preliminary assessment of social problems of families of servicemen, we have noted that besides social needs, there are a lot family health issues as well. Usually, every passing day for a soldier’s family means getting closer to their son’s return, and oftentimes for a variety of reasons, family members ignore their own health. ‘In appreciation of parents devotion towards our country in raising soldiers and treating it with significance, a decision was made to help the families of servicemen killed or injured in the RA Armed Forces, by providing special discounts for them to use services of hardly accessible instrumental and laboratory examinations in the center’ –  informed A. Kharazyan. According to him, family members of the RA Armed Forces servicemen, regardless of their place of residence, can receive high quality medical care for much lower prices at Slavmed Medical Center.

‘I think that by doing this, we will somewhat relieve social and health problems of servicemen, as well as families of killed or injured soldiers’, Arman Kharazyan concluded. Reminder that in order to use the defined discounts, soldiers or a family members of assassinated servicemen should simply submit a relevant document for proof of current service in the Armed Forces of Armenia, a statement of injury or death certificate (if applicable).