Health Insurance

If you have already taken care of your health and either have a health insurance coverage or social security benefits, we assure you that at Slavmed Medical Center, under any circumstances you will receive qualified health care in accordance with European standards, without any obstacles or additional registration. Taking into consideration the progress made in the development of medical insurance in our country and the achievements made by the sector in a short period of time, Slavmed Medical Center provides special accomodations for health insurance holders and those with social security benefits. The Center  works side by side with all health insurance providers  in Armenia, including: Rosgosstrakh Armenia, Garant Insurance, Reso, Sil Insurance, Armenia Insurance, Nairi Insurance, Ingo Armenia and other companies. Within the scope of Medical Insurance and Social Package, each citizen of the Republic of Armenia has a right to receive a 24-hour medical consultation at Slavmed Medical Center, as well as undergo medical examination and receive a complete inpatient and outpatient care.

Hospital (inpatient) medical care and service

Special and hardly accessible diagnostic examinations, performed in an outpatient (ambulatory) setting.

Primary care and service in case of injuries (fractures, dislocations, soft tissue injuries, contusion, etc.), performed in an outpatient setting.

Annual preventive health examination

According to the new working model, the medical centers no longer have a strict state budget and the whole paperwork has been transferred to the ‘insurance company – medical center’ platform. From now on insurance companies will provide ‘medical package’ services to social security benefits holders as insurers. If you have chosen Slavmed Medical Center and are willing to receive the health care you need, you should first contact the insurance company to have the application form filled out, in order to save your time, and then visit us by submitting a document of identification. In case of emergency, you can immediately apply to the Center for medical treatment and submit the necessary documentation afterwards.

For health insurance and social security package holders, health care at Slavmed Medical Center is provided both on corporate and individual basis.

By reaching out to Slavmed Medical Center, you will receive the best offer and conditions for your health protection and rehabilitation.


For additional information please contact our administrators directly via phone number or e-mail address provided below:

 Phone: +374 (10) 322211 (open 24/7)