Little Victoria was born on New Year’s Eve

Little Victoria should have come into the world 2-4 weeks later, but she decided to be born on New Year’s Eve. High midnight, when her nearest and dearest were standing around the table, with their wineglasses in their hands, the girl’s mother felt the first pains. Shortly afterwards, she realized that the pains were not false, those were labor pains. After wishing happy New Year to her relatives, the woman left for Slavmed Maternity Hospital, where she was registered and where she was planning to deliver.  According to doctors, the young woman was on the threshold of her maternity just when she was going to celebrate the New Year. It was too early for her to give birth as she was just 36 weeks pregnant.  Moreover, she was a primara. As one of the childbirth hospital personnel told Medicine, childbirth in primaras usually lasts for several hours, but in this case, everything happened surprisingly rapidly. And already twenty minutes later, little Victoria came to the world. She weighed 2840 grams. Since the girl was premature, on January 1 and 2 she was taken care in the neonatology department to make sure she was healthy. And today, on January 3, Victoria was discharged from the hospital and she returned home with her mother. According to doctors, the girl is healthy and is feeling good.