Free consultation of endocrinologists and medical examination to all

Slavmed medical center announced another action: free medical assistance to all. Within the scope of the action, experienced endocrinologists can consult and treat all those who need medical care, but for various reasons couldn’t apply to a doctor. The development director of Slavmed medical center Arman Kharazyan told today in the conversation with Medicine. According to him, in Armenia thyroid diseases are quite common, and in recent years the number of patients with thyroid cancer has increased. A free endocrinologists’ consultation and examination will be available in Slavmed medical center from February 1 to March, aimed to detect and prevent the disease on a timely scale.

«Free consultation and medical examination provided by qualified specialists within the framework of the action will give an opportunity to detect and prevent this common problem on time», – mentioned Arman Kharazyan.

According to Slavmed medical center’s endocrinologist Vahe Avagyan, there has been a steady increase of thyroid diseases worldwide. The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones T3, T4, which regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats throughout the body, promotes the activity of cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract as well as mental and sexual activity.
The dysfunction of these hormones synthesis-hyperfunction or hypofunction of the thyroid gland – may cause a number of symptoms and clinical manifestations including weight gain, fast heart beat, dry skin, hair loss, nervousness and irritation, palpitations and altering blood pressure. Speaking about modern methods of diagnostics of thyroid gland, Vahe Avagyan mentioned that the main methods are determination of thyroid hormone levels in blood serum and ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. The disease is diagnosed both as a result of a complaints and a series of screening studies. The disease is mostly common among women, but currently there is a tendency of affecting children and men as well. The best equipment of the new generation for diagnostic and laboratory testing, involved in the center, contributes to the early detection and accurate diagnosis of these diseases. The nodes and neoplasms detected in the result of testing often require surgical treatment, and in some cases fine needle puncture biopsy is needed for accurate treatment plan, based on which further treatment tactics, both medical and surgical, are determined.

According to the endocrinologist, this gland which associates for many with a butterfly, is a significant organ playing an important role for human body, as well as the main hormone-releasing organ, which regulates human body weight, ability to work, controls our mood and well-being, however people often ignore the importance of this gland and link the signs of the disease to other various circumstances, including an inherited predisposition. This is the main reason that an important period for treatment gets missed. The doctor also underlined that a certain increase in thyroid gland is observed during sexual maturation, pregnancy and lactation period. During this period, gland changes do not have painful effects, but gland modifications may cause anxiety at other stages of life.

«Taking into account a number of circumstances, I would advise our citizens to take advantage of the opportunity and visit a physician to confirm or exclude the presence of the disease. We attach great importance to the health of our citizens and do our utmost for their health protection and recovery, “- concluded the endocrinologist.

Reminder that, the services in Slavmed medical center are available for health insurance holders and those with social security benefits without any additional charges on “single window” principle by submitting passport and social card only.