Medical loan

Considering the fact that today many people refrain from seeing a doctor due to financial difficulties, Slavmed medical center, in cooperation with  Inecobank provides medical loans with zero prepayment requirements.

How is the medical / healthcare / loan applied for?

First, a patient applies to Slavmed Medical Center to pass a preliminary examination, based on which the physician creates a necessary treatment plan. The office administrator then applies for a medical loan online according to a fixed pricing list, and it gets approved by the bank in a matter of minutes. One of the main requirements for getting a loan approval is not having a negative credit history.


The following documents are necessary for applying for a credit:

Passport or ID card

Social Card

The loan amount available:

Depending on the customer’s credit history, the loan amount may vary from 30,000 AMD

to 1,5M AMD.

Payback period

The amount of time of credit payback period is up to 36 months.

Rate in interest

The interest rate for a medical loan is 23% annually, calculated within the amount provided

Extremely quick and easy -this is how one may describe the process of receiving a medical loan at Slavmed Medical Center.

Your health is of utmost importance to us.


For additional information please contact our administrators directly via phone number or

e-mail address provided below:

 Phone: +374 (10) 322211 (open 24/7)