Medical tourism

Armenia is listed among the most secure places to visit worldwide, which can fully satisfy expectations of tourists visiting Armenia, including quality and affordable medical services, safe leisure, organic food, diverse cuisine and, of course, a rich culture with thousands of years of history. In recent years, Armenia has been attracting tourists from another perspective – medical tourism. “Slavmed” Medical Center takes serious steps in this direction and has already made some progresses. The childbirth hospital, gynecological, urological, ENT, vascular surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, general surgery, endoscopy, maxillofacial, ophthalmology, micro and plastic surgery departments, operating in the Center, meet European standards and requirements of International Health Organizations. The Center is also in compliance with European standards in terms of its equipment and experienced staff – state-of-the-art armamentarium, experienced specialists, modern furniture, comfortable wards, multifunctional beds, necessary hygiene supplies and of course,  a complete meal three times daily. In addition to all of the above, our prices for medical services are affordable. This ensures a favorable price-quality ratio for tourists.  High quality medical services provided by the Center are available for Armenian as well as foreign citizens who arrive to Armenia anticipating to receive quality medical care. “Slavmed” Medical Center treats medical tourism development in Armenia and its perspectives with utmost importance. Strictly adhering to the price-quality ratio of the corresponding medical service in the host country, Slavmed Medical Center provides a special package to tourists, which includes quality medical services and also a chance for an unforgettable trip with affordable air tickets, vacation in popular destinations in Armenia, as well as guided tour programs.

The following services are mostly in demand among medical tourists:

-aesthetic surgeries

– dental services

– orthopedic services

– oncological problems

– gynecological / reproductive organs problems


“Slavmed” Medical Center is one of the few centers to provide a high-quality valuable health care package with international organizations in mind, such as embassies, consulates and others actively operating in Armenia. Slavmed Medical Center offers free consultations as well as necessary assistance to tourists via all possible remote communication channels.
For more information regarding types of services provided by the Center, prices and other details, please e-mail your inquiries to; you may also request a call back service.