Urology department

The urology department of Slavmed Medical Center is equipped with advanced medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment, which enables the specialists to provide emergency and elective patients with a 24-hour consultation, diagnostics and treatment of urological diseases.  The department gets regularly renovated and replenished with the best internationally recognized equipment. Due to the department’s specialists being highly qualified and experienced in the field, a 24-hour care is provided even with the most complicated surgical procedures. Various urological surgeries of upfront as well as laser and laparoscopic techniques are being performed in the department. Following international efficacy tendencies, the preference in the department is given to laparoscopic procedures over other types of surgical interventions.  Careful examination of male and female urinary tract, male reproductive organs as well as applying modern therapeutic methods, both conservative and surgical, including complicated surgeries, is of utmost importance for the department. Surgeries in the department are performed with the use of minimally invasive techniques – laser and laparoscopic methods. Specialists of urology department of Slavmed Medical Center receive training at leading foreign medical institutions; they also attend major medical conferences and seminars, including presenting their own materials.


The following interventions are carried out in the urology department:

– outpatient interventions

– urethrocystostomy

– transrectal prostate  biopsy

– ureteral stenting

-endoscopic surgeries of urethra,  urinary bladder, prostate gland

-surgical treatment of external sex organs diseases:

– orchiectomy

– epidectomy

– varicocelectomy

– hydrocelectomy

– a testicular biopsy

– scrotum fistula

– orchiopexy

– epididymal aspiration

– varicocelectomy

– transurethral resection of the prostate

– alignment  of penis curvature

–  incision and laparascopic techniques  surgeries

– nephrectomy

– radical nephrectomy

– radical prostatectomy

– pelviolithotomy

– simple nephrectomy

– radical nephrectomy

–  plastic surgery in hydronephrosis

– removal of the adrenal gland / adrenaliectomy/


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