Vascular and laser surgery

The department of vascular and laser surgery of  Slavmed Medical Center  is equipped with the latest generation of best-known in modern medicine laser equipment, which enables specialists to treat such diseases as enlarged vessels and vascularity spots, venous,  arterial and lymphatic system diseases. The department is regularly renovated and replenished with new equipment, both internationally-recognized and our own surgical methods are being implemented, which enables surgeons to carry out more effective and less-invasive interventions in their daily job performance. The department’s highly qualified and experienced specialists in this area are capable to carry out even the most complicated surgical interventions thus allowing patients to completely get rid of problems that seem unsolvable at first glance. Specialists of vascular and laser surgery department of Slavmed Medical Center are regularly trained in leading foreign medical institutions and present their reports during major conferences and seminars.

The following types of treatment of vascular diseases are available in the department:

-endovascular interventions in atherosclerotic and diabetic infected arteries: angioplasty (balloon dilatation) and stenting,

– arterial reconstruction high-tech surgeries (artery bypass, alloprosthesis)

– chronic venous insufficiency, surgical and medication-based treatment of varicose disease and its complications (thromboses, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers, etc.)

– minimally invasive method, conservative surgeries using high power diode laser

-medication-based and surgical preventive treatment of thromboembolic complications (placement of a cava filter, etc.)

– laser removal of skin enlarged capillaries network

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