General and laparoscopic surgery

The general and laparoscopic surgery department of “Slavmed” Medical Center is equipped with advanced medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment, which enables professionals to diagnose and treat  gastrointestinal tract organs (esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, large bowel and small bowel,  hernias of various localization), surgical interventions, including proctological and weight loss invasive and non-invasive interventions. The department gets regularly renovated and replenished with the best internationally recognized equipment. Due to the department’s specialists being highly qualified and experienced in the field, a 24-hour care is provided even with the most complicated surgical procedures. Various surgeries of both upfront and laparoscopic techniques are performed in the department. Following international efficacy tendencies, the preference in the department is given to laparoscopic procedures over other types of surgical interventions. Surgeries are performed with the new generation endoscopic system made by the German company KARL STORZ, which ensures high quality full HD visibility and minimizes potential complications, providing a flawless and safe surgical procedure. Specialists of general and laparoscopic surgery department of “Slavmed” Medical Center receive training at leading foreign medical institutions; they also attend major medical conferences and seminars, including presenting their own materials.


General & Laparoscopic Surgery Department

Gastrointestinal surgery

The following surgeries are performed:

-surgical treatment of patients with complicated stomach and duodenal ulcer diseases

-surgical treatment of patients with reflux diseases and diaphragmatocele

-surgeries on liver, gallbladder and gall ducts

-bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)

-gastric resection

-stomach folding surgery

-surgical drainage

-gastric balloon


Also surgeries on hernias of various localizations are performed





  • Laparoscopic coloproctology
  • General proctology
  • Removal of hydatid cysts
  • Removal of vermicular appendix


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